Isnin, 23 Mac 2009


Project Concierge" Considering the fact that it's so difficult to find a sitter on weekends--babysitters gotta take a day off once in a while, no? So I was thinking what if the restaurant would have a sitter referrals for those who makes a reservation. I think it'll be helpful if we could work that out with the nanny service company and get a buck or two off of them. Or else, we could use our own staff members' grandmomsies. It would be particularly appealing to those young city parents who doesn't have a tight sitter network like their older, suburbie counterparts. But when you need a sitter, you will need one regardless. Problems arise here, though: 1. How would you ensure that the sitter or the customer will keep their promises? We can have the customer make 1-2day advance reservation and a non-refundable deposit. But what about the sitters? All suburb parents have a sitter horror story of their own. 2. Legal Liability: We will all have to get the customer to sign a paper and keep track of those records, but people still sue the restaurant knowing perfectly well that it wasn't the restaurant's fault that you got that hot coffee on your pants. And what if the sitter shook the baby, or gave the toots a little spank or two like they deserve? I think rather than being actively involved in the nanny referral business, but have a list or two of professional nanny services for their references. Gives them a hint that we actually care about the customers coming here. At least, be it a lucrative offer.

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